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Terms and Conditions

I agreed upon the following terms and conditions.

1. I understand that my loan will be repaid to George Brown College over a 52 consecutive Pay Period.

2. I hereby authorize George Brown College to deduct from my pay each pay period an amount equal to the total purchase price divided by the number of pays in two consecutive years pays (total cost divided by 52 pays).

3. I understand, and agree, that on any payroll date during the term of this agreement, I may, if I wish, pay the loan off in its entirety.

4. I understand, and agree, that in the event of termination of my employment with the George Brown College for any reason, including death, the balance of the amount payable at that time shall immediately become payable, and George Brown College is hereby authorized todeduct this from my final pay, including vacation pay, and in the event my final pay is not sufficient to cover the balance I, or my estate, shall immediately pay directly to George Brown College the amount outstanding to settle the debt.

5. In the event of the suspension of my employment with George Brown College, for whatever reason, including but not limited to maternity leave, worker’s compensation leave, long term disability leave, leave of absence, strike or lockout, I shall provide George Brown College with a series of post-dated cheques to cover the payments I would otherwise have made to George Brown College for the time period involved.

6. I understand, and agree, that upon delivery of my computer or upgrade, I shall be the owner of the computer equipment and the computer equipment purchased under this plan is my equipment to keep, to maintain, to insure and to repair at my expense, and that George Brown College is in no way responsible for and cannot guarantee the quality of the equipment purchased or its suitability for my needs. I acknowledge and agree that neither I, or any subsequent owner of my computer or upgrade, shall have no recourse whatsoever against George Brown College.

7. I understand that any savings I realize from borrowing the money from George Brown College is a taxable benefit under current tax legislation. The amount of taxable benefit is based on Canada Revenue Agency’s prescribed rate and will appear on my annual statement of remuneration (T4 slip) as a taxable benefit.

8. I am a permanent full-time college staff with more than 12 consecutive months of employment.

9. By signing this Payroll Authorization form I have read and agree to the Terms and Condition of the George Brown College Employee Purchase Plan.

10. All purchases under this plan are for personal use only and are not for resale.

11. All Custom configured purchases are final, and no return nor exchange allowed.

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