Boogie Board

This ain't yo momma's Etch-A-Sketch, son. This paperless LCD writing tablet is perfect for leaving messages, sketching ideas, and practicing anything from handwriting to calculus without killing a single tree. But we hear you. You're thinking, "WTF can *I* use this thing for, ThinkGeek?" Allow us to give you some suggestions, based on your likely occupation.
Parental Unit: Grocery lists, honey-do's, chores list, scoreboard for family game night
Monkey-suited Executive: Take notes at meetings, draw buzzword-laden charts
Artiste: Quick sketching exercises, doodles
Mad Scientist: Molecules, schematics, master plans
(Perpetual) Student: Handwriting, math, homework to-do list
Monkey: Banana inventory, poo-to-target success rate
The stainless steel, telescoping stylus isn't the only tool you can use to write on the Boogie Board, either. Anything from a finger to a stiff brush to a cookie cutter can be used to light up the pressure-sensitive surface. If you or your geekling are personally responsible for the death of forests worth of trees per year, consider the environmental impact of having one totally renewable Boogie Board. The LCD display lasts for approximately 50,000 erasures, which is a whole lot of doodling and noting. Save a tree, boogie down with us.

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