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iView CyberPC stick Windows 8.1

The new iView Cyber PC is the world’s smallest mobile computer armed with an Intel processor and Windows 8.1 OS. Powered by a quad core 1.33 GHz processor delivers ample power and speed, so you can tackle any demanding computing task with utmost ease. It has a 2GB of DDR3 memory to ensure smoother and more responsive multitasking operations, even during heavy system traffic. It includes 32GB internal storage for storing all your important files, documents, downloads, and many more. With a built-in Micro SD Card Slot, you’ll have the ability to increase the Cyber PC’s internal storage up to a massive 128GB, giving you more space to access your HD movies, games, or apps for great entertainment on the go. This mini computer-on-a-stick also has Bluetooth and wireless capabilities to make it easier to connect to other devices. Unlike other mini PCs on the market today, the IVIEW CYBER PC comes with a wireless keyboard that’s powered by wireless technology and will work well with the Cyber PC. The IVIEW CYBER PC is definitely an affordable-but-powerful portable computer that can simplify your life.

Intel Atom Processor Quad Core
Windows 8.1
Memory: 32GB
Wireless Connection
Bluetooth 4.0
Supports 1080P Output
Windows Store, Internet Browser,
Calendar, Calculator, Email Picture Viewing,
Music/Video Playback, Games

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model # 1502-IVIEW-CP-D0004
Windows 8.1
Intel Z3735F (64-bit)
Intel HD Graphics
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